27. Jul 2023

Munich, July 20, 2023. Together with Patrona, H2i Asset Management GmbH is developing over 1,800 apartments in Bavaria. Projects are being built at 45 locations, each with 30 to 85 residential units and a total rental area of 145,000 sqm. Locations include Sparneck, Schönwald, Rehau, Hof and Wunsiedel. The social housing is rented exclusively to WBS holders with special housing needs. 

H2i Asset Management GmbH, founded in 2019, is responsible for the structuring, capitalization and management of the institutional mandate. Completion of the much-needed housing is scheduled by 2030. The short construction time is made possible by a small basement and modular wood hybrid construction. The EOF housing fund thus meets claims of the social and environmentally sustainable taxonomy framework.  

“We are pleased to be able to contribute to affordable housing in Bavaria together with partners like Patrona,” says Tilman Hickl, managing partner of H2i Asset Management GmbH. “Due to the increasing need for affordable housing, there is great interest on the part of the Free State of Bavaria and local authorities in attracting investors to publicly subsidized housing.”

Funding with a model character

The Bavarian Housing Promotion Act, which came into force in its current version in May 2023, is thus developing a model character. “One should also be allowed to praise the legislator for good concepts. The Bavarian Housing Promotion Act requires some structuring work, but at the same time provides an extremely solid basis for creating affordable and sustainable housing. I would like to see this model applied in other federal states as well,” says Hickl.

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About H2i

H2i Asset Management GmbH was founded in 2019 with a focus on the German and North American markets. With two locations in Munich and Hamburg, H2i is a bridge builder between institutional investors and project developers. The company provides solutions for the entire life cycle of real estate: from mezzanine structures and joint ventures in the project development phase to forward sales or forward fundings and portfolio management for third parties.

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